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Who is Lord Ganesha and it's Symbolism and Significance

 Who's Lord Ganesh?

Ganesha is your formless Divinity - encapsulated at a form that is magnificent, for the sake of the devotee. According to Hindu mythology, He's the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Gan signifies group. The world is a set of atoms and distinct energies. This world would be in chaos when there was no ultimate law regulating these varied groups of stuff.

Who is Lord Ganesha and it's Symbolism and Significance

The gist of Ganesha is brought out superbly by Adi Shankara.

  • Although Ganesha is thought since the elephant-headed God, the kind (swaroop) is simply to signify the qualities of this Divine (parabrahma roopa).
  • He's, 'Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaaramekam.' This implies Ganesha is Ajam (unborn), he's Nirvikalpa (attributeless), he's Niraakaar (formless) and he signifies the understanding that's omnipresent.
  • Ganesha is the exact same energy that's the main reason behind this particular world. It's the energy where everything manifests and to which everything will dissolve.

The Story of Lord Ganesha's Birth.

As the story goes, Parvati became filthy when she had been observing with Shiva. After she realized that, she removed the dirt from her own body and made a boy from it. She then requested the boy to keep guard while she kissed.

After Shiva returnedthe boy didn't recognize him obstructed his path. Shiva in anger, chopped off the boy's mind and entered. She clarified to Shiva the boy was their son and pleaded with Shiva to rescue him.

Shiva then taught his helpers to proceed and receive the head of somebody who had been sleeping with his head pointing towards the north. The helpers captured the mind of an elephant, that Shiva affixed to the boy's chest and Ganesha had been born!

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Truth to ponder in Lord Ganesha's narrative.

  • Why should Parvati have dirt on her body?

Parvati is emblematic of energy that is joyous. Her getting filthy signifies that party can quickly become Rajasik or hectic, and may take you away from the heart. Dirt is emblematic of ignorance, and Shiva is emblematic of innocence, peace and knowledge.

  • Was Shiva, that the epitome of serenity, so short-tempered he cut off the head of his son?

When Ganesha obstructs the route of Shiva, this usually means that ignorance, that can be an attribute of their mind, doesn't recognize understanding. Then knowledge must conquer ignorance.

  • Why does Lord Ganesha have a head of an Elephant?

The elephant is blessed with unusual attributes, such as its fearless and its own royal walk. An elephant can also be a sign of endurance, authority, courage and strength. Thus, to signify all these qualities of the Divine, Lord Ganesha is depicted in the kind of an elephant. And if we worship Lord Ganesha, we have the ability to imbibe these qualities to our understanding.

The elephant is the only being which may carry out all of its functions along with it's back. It smells, eats, drinks, bathes and operates with its own trunk. The trunk is emblematic of the ideal equilibrium between Gyaan Shakti (understanding ) and Karma Shakti (activity ).

This implies,'Fear not, I'm with you', along with his reduced hand depicts his committing, in addition to an invitation to write down. This is also emblematic of the fact that we'll all dissolve in the Earth daily.

Symbolism and Significance of Ganesha 

  1. Ganesha also has one tusk which suggests one-pointedness.
  2. He conveys in his hands on the 'Ankusa' (representing awakening) and also the 'Paasa' (representing control). With religious awakening, a great deal of energy is discharged, which without appropriate hands, can go awry.
  3. Ganesha, that the elephant-headed God travels something as small as a mouse? Is not that incongruous? Again there's symbolism here which runs deep. The mouse snips and nibbles off at ropes which bind. The mouse is similar to the mantra that may cut sheaths along with sheaths of ignorance, resulting in the greatest understanding represented by Ganesha!
  4. Our early Rishis proved so profoundly intelligent they opted to express Divinity in relation to symbols instead of words, because words change over time, but symbols remain unchanged.
  5. Let's maintain the profound symbolism in your mind as we encounter the omnipresent at the kind of the elephant God, nevertheless be fully conscious that Ganesha is quite much in us. Here is the wisdom we all ought to carry as we observe Ganesh Chaturti.

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All About Pitru Paksha (Shradh): Why, What and How to do.

All About Pitru Paksha (Shradh): History, Significance, Facts and Destination

Pitru Paksha, also referred to as Shradh, is far more than simply not eating Non-veg, no shopping, no parties, and all of the negative things connected! Come, let us take you on a fast tour that will assist you understand what shradh is about and its an chance to convey your gratitude for your own ancestors that loved you dearly.

Pitru Paksha (Shradh) is a 16-day time of paying homage for the ancestors that have departed from the world, in accordance with the Hindu calendar. The period is indicated by offering food, prayers, and daan into the destitute and the priests at the temple. All of the rituals and prayers have been done in regard and remembrance of those ancestors that left for the heavenly abode and to wish them well where they are.

History of Shradh

According to ancient folklore, when Karna, Kunti's first son from Mahabharata expired, he went into paradise and was provided gold and precious stones, to that Karna requested Indra he would like to have water and food, rather than these prized jewels. Hearing that Indra responded to Karna that he simply lent stone and gold to folks all his life rather than provided water and food from the title of his ancestors.

For this, Karna told Indra he did not understand about his ancestors since he had been blessed by Surya deva, the god of day and light, to his mommy, and he has no hint of his own ancestors. Following this Karna has been sent to ground for a period of 15 days so he could perform shradh because of his ancestors and contribute water and food. Ever since that time, this span of 15 days is considered as pitru paksha.

In accordance with the early twenties, it's thought that the soul begins traveling to Yamapuri about the 14th day following passing and reaches there in 17 days. They travel for 11 weeks to achieve the courtroom of Yamaraj. It's stated that until the time the spirit reaches the courtroom, it doesn't have any access to water, food, and clothing.

How Shradh is Performed?

The shradh puja is done by a male, largely the eldest male member of their household, or the eldest son. The puja starts when a pandit comes home to execute a havan, following the havan, rice is provided to the deceased souls, which can be followed closely by giving food to the pandit.

The puja finishes with Dakshina and Daan into the pandit and the destitute men and women. In the event the the tithi of the deceased isn't known to anybody afterward the Shradh ceremonies are conducted Amavasya, the final day of shradh.

What's Pind Daan

Pind Daan is a responsibility which each kid should perform because of his dead parents. Pind Daan is done by a priest and also a meals ball made from wheat and rice germ is provided to the departed spirits. Offering this distinctive food is thought of as Pind Daan. It's thought that after doing the Pind Daan our ancestors reach moksha.

If you're a person who always believed the meals ready in Shradh has been offered to certain animals then scroll to understand the story and importance of it.

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It's thought that the dead ones arrive from the avatar of all crows in the world looking for water and food and feeding them is equal to feeding our ancestors. Another notion is that crows are messengers into'pitri loka' (the territory of dead person ) and therefore are connected with part among those five components i.e.'atmosphere'.


An ant is regarded as the element'flame' and feeding candies food to rodents is an auspicious action and attracts the blessings of our ancestors.


It's thought that dogs protect the doors of paradise and hell.


Cows have been provided a substantial standing in the Hindu faith and feeding them throughout shradh is deemed auspicious. A cow is related to element'ground' and according to shared belief, feeding cows throughout Pitru paksha brings peace to the departed spirits.


It's thought that just after ingesting the Brahmins our ancestors take the water and food, so in the event that you've missed this part then the puja is faulty.

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What is Siddh Parad Benefits (सिद्ध पारद)

Yogis of top calibre with their religious powers heat mercury to its boiling point at 321 level Celsius, blend silver inside and then solidify it in the kind of Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits). It's 16 times thicker then iron and also if it's stored in icehockey, it absorbs ice at percentage of its own weight. It's thought to be very rare heavenly pure and precious. Mercury is thought to be originated in the sperms of Lord Shiva Puja and worship of Shivling or idols products manufactured from Parad destroys the sins.

It's mentioned in early Vedas such as Parad Samhita, Shiv Purana there is nothing pure and reassuring than Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) religiously in addition to medicinally.

It's also invaluable in controlling a variety of diseases including High Blood Pressure, Asthma and increase the Gender Power. It has particular importance in Ayurveda too. It gains have be demonstrated beneficial from Astrological in addition to Scientific.

And Virtues arises where one is permitted to be free of sorrows, strives, diseases and calamities. Dedicated worship takes you toward divinity and spirituality. It eliminates Sins of earlier births. It's supposed in Brahma Purana he who worships Mercury Shivling devotedly, if one is male or female, Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or Shudras get complete worldly delights, and at last reaches ultimate destination (salvation). Throughout life-span they get glory, honor, higher office, name and fame, sons, grandsons and studying.

In accordance with Shastra, Parad Shivling provides the impact of seeing Kedarnath, Badrinath and the rest of the shrines. An individual ought to light a lamp prior to the energized Shivling each morning and consider this desire that he wishes to match and think it, Lord Shiva would match all of your fantasies.

Mercury is a part of the earth's crust. It can't be created or destroyed. Pure mercury is a liquid alloy, occasionally known as quicksilver which volatizes easily. The Brahma Purana says that worshiping Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) idols brings blessings from the Supreme Complete and devotees reach final liberation.

In accordance with Vedic mythology, most of the yogis and truth-seekers traveling to a mysterious area referred to as"Siddhashrama" located in the Himalayas. Meditating from the chilled climes of the Himalayas, the yogis there require an elixir of germ to increase the strength of the meditation while at precisely the exact same time diminishing the amount of resumes that they inhale. But, Parad in its raw form is mortal as a toxin. During their mysterious powers, the yogis create Gaurichintamani, and it can be a potable type of Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) and eat it.

How to Utilize (Siddh Parad Benefits)

The strong Mercury balls or ball will be threaded and worn round the throat in the kind of a locket to acquire protection from bad spirits. Every home should have a strong Mercury deity to eliminate the evil eye.

Mercury"Amrit Cup" and beads may be used to treat many ailments. When absorbed at the pure form, it gets your body strong, agile and glistening.

Strong Mercury ball ought to be dipped four occasions in 200 ml of raw milk and obtained before sleeping through the night. To be able to eliminate all ailments, the aforesaid milk ought to be constantly taken for no less than 41 times and maximum 3 months with no break.

In the event of body annoyance, the germ ball ought to be worn in your body so it impacts the affected body area. It needs to be worn before the pain is totally cured. The mercury ball may also be dipped in pure Ghee or oil for 24 hours and it needs to be massaged on the aching body area. The Ghee or oil has to be cool.

For digestive problems, constipation, gas from the stomach and hassle, the Mercury ball ought to be worn round the Allied for 15-20 minutes each day for healing.

Mercury has significant use in Ayurveda and is popularly known as a flowing metalloid (fluid alloy ). It's employed in treating disorders like asthma, sexual issues and blood pressures. Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) solidified in type of beads may be utilised in treating diabetes, diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailments. The bead or rosary of Parad(Siddh Parad Benefits) beads must be worn round your shoulders or neck.

Parad has a lot of medicinal properties. Having milk at a Parad vessel behaves as a cleansing agent that purifies the entire body. Additionally Parad as stated in the scriptures can be utilized to improve physical strength and cut back ailments like diabetes and asthma.

The other greatest advantages of Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) comprise nullification of Vastu flaws, defense against black magic, increased sexual ability, self-confidence and stability in relationships.

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Significance of Bel Patra in Shiva Pujas

Hindu pujas are not complete without the offerings of new blossoms and fruits, and prasad created for Gods and Godesses. However, the leaf is not only 1 accompaniment to the blossoms. It's commonly utilized in worship of Hindu dieties, particularly Shiva. Replete with different medicinal properties --The two bel berry or bel leaves happen to be talked about in fantastic length in ancient Hindu scriptures.

If you find the foliage, you'd observe this foliage is trifoliate that in Hindu belief suggests the sacred Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.The scriptures also say that the foliage, represents the 3 eyes of Lord Shiva. Therefore Lord Shiva the pagan Lord was really fond of Bilva leaves.

It's said that the person who provides a trifoliate bel patra into the Shivlinga with dedication, Lord Shiva blesses him/her with whatever he/she wants. Also when folks supply the leaves into the God they also have part of it back together, they do this because the foliage is reported to have the ability to absorb Shiva's energy. Thus the leaf becomes moderate to go a step nearer to Lord Shiva.

Why the Bel foliage?

In accordance with ancient scriptures like Skandapurana, Bel shrub climbed from this sweat droplets of Goddess Parvati, which dropped to the Mandrachal mountain. It's stated that she resides in such trees in all of her forms; at the leaves, blossoms, roots and fruit. Because of this reason Lord Shiva is very fond of this bilwa tree and its leaves.

According to Ayurveda also, bel Leaves is stuffed with a number of medicinal and therapeutic properties. The trifoliate form signifies the 3 elements or'gunas', specifically the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. And the middle part of the foliage is focused with the ideal equilibrium of the three.
So next time you find that the bel foliage in Puja offers, you are aware that it's there for a particular reason.

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Importance of Puja in Hindus and Why it's Performing

Our faith and civilization is a intricate system of beliefs which bind together our beliefs and our values. It's exceptional in every way and is still a source of peace for a whole lot of us. Puja or Pooja is also an essential component of the religion, something which's been achieved since ever. In a lot of ways, it's emblematic of our worth and what they mean in our own lives.

But in a young age, it can be tricky to comprehend why we do Puja during these days, particularly if it's relevance hasn't been clarified. On understanding the motives supporting the bases of your religion, the bond becomes much stronger.

So, keep reading and find why is it we do Puja or even Pooja? And how can it gain, your house and your loved ones?

What's Puja?

Basically, Puja is a ritual or ceremony through which we make offerings to a deity to be able for blessings or decent luck as prasad.

The whole action of Puja is a representational way of showing devotion to some deity and surrendering oneself in the altar, as a marker of authentic worship.

Who plays Puja?

In fact, anyone that has a religion and believes in a deity or Guru can do Puja in their property. So you really don't require any qualification to perform puja. Only your religion is sufficient.

However there are people known as Pujaris or priests, who've studied the scriptures and obtained knowledge where they direct us to carry out certain rituals. They help us comprehend the importance of the rituals, pooja items, pooja mandir and is puja important in order we execute them with extreme faith.

They know of rules for every ritual, such as which Puja to execute through an occasion or that puja ought to be run at a given moment. Furthermore, they understand exactly what are the sacred items that are expected to carry out a Puja. So, taking advice from them is useful.

They pass their understanding to worthy students, who also wish to stick to this route.

Why do Puja?

Consequently, if you believe you want to reset your internal self and begin afresh, a Puja is what's going to allow you to get there.

While doing a Puja your entire body, mind, and wisdom are aligned and focused on something -- your own deity. Even though you're performing the action with your palms, you're chanting or reciting His name together with absolute faith and reverence. It is a terrific way to subject yourself and make your thoughts single pointed.

If one is overrun by negative ideas, burdened with stress or issues, or just can't know how to flip, then a Puja will even help in clearing your mind up and visiting a path that has been previously hidden. Your negativity may have a negative effect on your home and your nearest and dearest too. Not only does a puja assist you but also your surroundings. Read about What is Puja and what is the of benefits of pooja.

You truly do not require any particular pooja materials to beg, just your accessibility. However, to do puja, you might require a few fundamentals. These may be as straightforward or as complicated as you might enjoy, makes no real difference.

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7/saat/Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits and how t o use it

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is the most effective rudraksha that's also called Saat Mukhi Rudraksha. It's a highly effective sacred bead which neutralizes the harmful and negative effect of this Saturn. Saat Mukhi Rudraksha is linked with Goddess Mahalakshmi that the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi is among those opinion deities in Hinduism and it's believed this to bless her devotees with prosperity and wealth together with great fortune. She was flanked by elephants, who scatter water on her signifies letting go of their past memories and dwelling in the current. Goddess Lakshmi can help in rising above the hassles of everyday life to create your own own atmosphere.

The Saat Mukhi Rudraksha is among the most effective Rudraksha that's worn with the secretary, officers, speakers, kings, and ministers, etc.. The seven faced Rudraksha is famous for its important of seven seas. Therefore, the wearer of the sacred bead of seven rudrakshas will stay contented just like seven seas. This Saat Mukhi Rudraksha includes a massive ability of seven seas.

It mostly represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Fantastic health and prosperity are lucky to the individual who wears Seven Faced Rudraksha. By wearing seven confronts Rudraksha individual can find more advancement in company and assistance. People that are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, health, finance, and emotional setup should use seven Mukhi Rudraksha. The seeds of seven Mukhi Rudraksha are readily available with us and client can purchase it from us. The initial rudraksha provides the best outcome. These rudrakshas are observed in Nepal and Indonesia.

Programs of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha:

The seven faced Rudraksha is worn out throughout the Antardasa and Mahadasa of malefic Saturn.

Wearing Saat Mukhi Rudraksha will supply you favorable benefits and extremely helpful to the wearer.

It neutralizes the harmful and negative effect of this planet Saturn throughout the travel period.

If the planet Saturn is debilitated in the birth chart, then it's extremely essential to the individual to use seven faced Rudraksha to dispel the negative and damaging effect of this planet Saturn.

It needs to be worn by people that are suffering from miseries pertaining to the entire body.

It's helpful for improving financing and psychological conditions.

By wearing this Rudraksha, a individual can advance in business and support and devote his/her life thankfully.

The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is quite great for preventing losses in Company, to address financial issues, Delay in Success, Investment and as well as psychological and emotional issues which negatively affects the physical health and provides a sense of joy.

By sporting a seven Mukhi Rudraksha, a individual has been saved from issues linked to emotional tension and they're able to proceed in almost any area of life whether it's Business or assistance.

A Mukhi Rudraksha is very beneficial in treating a variety of ailments like dumbness, abortions, foot-related ailments, fatigue, stomach pain, asthma, migraines, impotenceproblems, epilepsy, and circulation of Ojas (divine energy), etc.. )

The best way to utilize it?

The seven faced Rudraksha Ought to Be worn either on Monday or even Shivaratri

Light amazing incense sticks and mild that the Diya with pure cow ghee to find the maximum outcome.

Provide some white blossoms while doing puja.

Recite following Mantra 108 days

The wearer of this Rudraksha should chant related rudraksha headline together with rudraksha utpatti mantra (Om Hreem Hum Namah) daily at least 9 times while removing and wearing prior to going to sleep at the evening time.

Relevance of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha: -

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha benefits is notorious for providing prosperity in most zones of lifestyle like career, company and service consequently bringing all-around comforts and success.

This Rudraksha also brings financial protection, creativity, very good fortune, increased profits, and improved intuition.

For healing and decreasing muscular body aches notably those caused because of Arthritis, in accordance with the ancient Vedic material, seven rudraksha is only utilized.

This Rudraksha aids in decreasing the malefic effects of Saturn and its own"Sade Sati" period.

According to history, a Seven Mukhi Rudraksha has been supposedly quite helpful in treating of Saturn induced diseases such as respiratory ailments, chronic ailments, impotency and foot ailments.

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significance and importance of Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman wasn't a born God but had been a typical human and fighter combined infant during his age. His powerful dedication and determination made him attain that the superpowers and hence he's still a living God. Hanuman directed his energies towards the dedication of Lord Rama, along with his undying devotion made him that he became free of physical exhaustion. It's challenging to locate a personality that's at once so strong, learned, philosophic, humble and funny!

Worshipping of hanumn on Hanumna Jayanti and after him can create us reach the impossible. And, there may be no better than Hanuman Jayanti to observe his qualities. It's thought that no adverse energy can harm Lord Hanuman and consequently his devotees worship him on the event of Hanuman Jayanti in order to eliminate all sorts of problems and issues in their lives. As he is regarded as an avatar of Lord Shiva and the sole God present from the Earth, his abilities are incomparable. He listens to each devotee's requirement and does meet it also.

A brief story about the forces of Lord Hanuman: Most have to have heard about the narrative by which Lord Hanuman has begun travelling towards sunlight believing him for a bright shiny ball. On his wayhe fulfilled toddler Rahu too, who had been on his way to grab the Sun. Hanuman had touched Rahu which scared him. Rahu instantly ran away out of their hunting for assistance. This clarifies why Hindus worship Hanuman for eliminating the damaging impact of different planets.

Every year on such day passes the idea to rekindle my Vow to be faithful to the greater self in my own, the desire for fighter in my to evolve into the Hanuman Status.

Hanuman could presume kinds at will, move mountains and conquer bad spirits, suggesting that such as Hanuman we ought to elevate ourselves emotionally, and get the capability to take care of our problems even if they're mountainous and attempt to conquer the negativities in us may have grown in stature but a great deal has to be performed in our mind and soul front. The greater self the lord is inside us we have to evolve in your mind and soul.

This includes through the blessings of celestial sprits, such as hanuman, our own consciousness and perseverance.

On Importance of Hanuman Jayanti Puja's different Jayanties of the many other God energy icons; we do often waste a great deal of time and cash in ritualistic purposes and above gaieties. Rather we ought to spend some time in focusing on the attributes of the icon.

During Hanumanjayanti we can chant and concentrate more on. When chanted independently or together this potent chant creates quite positive vibes and energyprovided the significance of the conversation is apparent in our thoughts and we attempt to follow that which we chant and sincerely request Shree Hanumans' blessings, and wisely utilize these blessings accrued via the chant. Hanuman is the sign of strength, let's follow his example and become a pillar of strength for many others.