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What is Kaal Sarp Dosh and It's Types

 What's Kaal Sarp Dosha

Such confinement of major planets involving Rahu, which is regarded as the serpent's head and Ketu -- that the serpent's tail -- leaves the native's life incredibly hard. The native isalso, therefore, believed to be afflicted by Kaal Sarp Dosh because the existence of the malefic aspect in the Kundali can end up being very harmful.

This type of blend of planets may have catastrophic consequences in some of the domains of someone's life like love, money, career, family members, marriage and livelihood based upon the position of Rahu and Ketu from the natal chart. The Kaal Sarp Yog impacts every part of an individual using this dosha within their own pursuit, adversely. Even if someone has planets in positive position in horoscope, Kaal Sarp Yog nullifies their favorable impact.

Some natives possess a partial Kaal Sarp Yog within their own pursuit. A complete Kaal Sarp Dosh is when all of seven planets are on a single side of this axis of Rahu and Ketu. If a single planet is set on the opposing side, this astrological condition is referred to as partial Kaal Sarp Yog. It harbors malefic results but they aren't as dangerous as the Kaal Sarp Yog.

But, it's not essential that each man or woman that has Kaal Sarp Yog within their Kundali is unfortunate. Its impact varies from person to person and is based mostly on the existence of distinct Yogas in one's horoscope. By way of instance, if a person has Raj Yog within their Kundali, subsequently the malefic effects of the dosh are reduced to a fantastic extent. It's vital to comprehend about the Kaal Sarp Yog in detail, as well as the consequences it will bring on your lifetime.

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Types of Kalsarpa Dosha


Anant Kaal Dosh can also be Called Vipareeta Kaal Sarp Yog. It's known to make difficulties in a single married life. You may not have married, or may face inordinate delay on your union. When wed, there'll be disputes and disagreements with your partner. The odds of extra-marital affairs are high. You may always struggle in regards to your married life, and your union indulged in divorce is very probable. But this dosha is as good so far as financial part is concerned.


You may suffer from deadly accidents and endure enormous monetary setback. Individuals experiencing this Dosha will likely get hooked on alcohol, smoking and drugs. You're very likely to combat a number of ailments on your lifetime. It hampers educational facet of your life too. You may face tremendous financial losses and even bankruptcy.


Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog is your bearer of terrible luck. You may not find any positive consequence regardless of your own earnest efforts. Difficult work may not yield the money. You may face resistance from relatives, especially sister and brother. This yog attracts misfortunes and sufferings in your life.


Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog at Kundali suggests a disturbed youth. Someone with this Yog lands in issues if in childhood, or adulthood. As kids, you become involved in bad business, while as adults, you generally face problems on the job. You constantly encounter hardships. People with this Yog within their horoscope may parent juvenile kids. But success in politics is potential in this yog.

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Those having Padam Kaal Sarp Dosh within their horoscope tend to be concerned about their own kids and harbor unknown anxieties. Some confront problems in conceiving kid. Obstruction in academic profession for pupils occurs when this Dosh manifests from the horoscope. Struggling in associations is also an ill-effect of the Dosha. Love affairs may wind up in heartbreak. You might suffer with chronic illness. You will possibly encounter under the sway of spirits.


When you've Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh, then you're in issues because of your enemies. Legal battles, issues in relationships with your supervisor, hospitalization, issues with government agencies are ill-effects that may irritate your lifetime on account of the existence of Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yog on your Kundli. But this Yog, if advantageous, can deliver you power or political achievement.


Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh is considered exceptionally malefic so much as marital happiness is worried. There'll always be issues on your wedded life. You may suffer losses in company and your business partners may breach your confidence. Partnership of any sort will bring you losses. Never enter any company in partnership in case you've got this Yog on your horoscope.


Karkotak Kaal Sarp Dosh in one's horoscope will see to it that the native isn't short of enemies because of their quick temper. You'll end up attracted to the anti inflammatory elements. You may never have to maintain your ancestral riches despite genuine efforts.

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Shankachood Kaal Sarp Dosh produces barriers in business or business work of higher government in those or government helming administrative articles. People having this dosh within their horoscope suffer with ego problems. Pitra Dosh on your Kundali may also be a result of the existence of Shankhnaad Kaal Sarp Yog on your horoscope.


Ghatak Kaal Sarp Dosh is thought to bring a lot of trouble in your professional life. You won't ever be happy with your livelihood, and will keep searching for a shift. This dosh also signals fiscal difficulties in life. On account of the existence of the dosh on your research, you could face legal issues and may also be penalized by law.


People who possess Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog within their horoscope never find equilibrium in their own lives. They go from 1 spot to another and confront issues from siblings, particularly an elder brother. Health issues, especially those of the heart and eye, will also be born of the yog. You may end up in trouble on account of your kid. On the other hand, the latter portion of your daily life will be devoid of any kind of issues and will be much more or less calm.


Sheshnaag Kaal Sarp Dosh plants unidentified anxieties in native's life. Such natives suffer with sleeplessness and may be tormented by strange dreams and nightmares. You may suffer from poor health to the point where hospitalization is needed. People with this Yog in their horoscope may have two unions. Issues in your lifetime will crop up due men and women that are unfamiliar to you or simply acquaintances.

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What is the Importance of bonfire Festival of India : Lohri?

Lohri marks the conclusion of the winter. Crowds gather around big, teaming bonfires to celebrate the death of the winter solstice.

Among Veer Zaara's very well-known tunes Lodi re-popularised the custom of singing and dancing as everybody circles the bonfire. Not only in Punjab, but other portions of North India, people celebrate with charring wood and playing tunes on the radio.

Lohri indicates the start of the sunny days that are sunny. Here are a number of FAQs about Lohri that may interest you.

What is Happy Lohri?

What's Happy Lohri? As opposed to visit each other's houses to swap candies or mithai, such as during Diwali, Lohri requires all to meet in a frequent location. The phrases til and rorhi collectively utilized to seem like'tilohri' before in history, slowly morphing to the expression'Lohri'.

What's the importance of Lohri?

Lohri celebrations mark the start of the harvest year. It's famous to provide thanks for creating a bounteous harvest potential. Lohri night normally falls on the night of this year called the winter solstice. Lohri festival suggests the biting cold of this winter is ending and happy bright days are coming.

What exactly do we perform on Lohri?

Bonfire is your best highlight of Lohri. Traditionally, most families used to gather round bonfires and sing folk tunes like Sundariye Mundariye Ho. Nowadays, the majority of people today plug into a speaker to perform tunes from YouTube or other audio programs. Dishes made from rewri, gajak, peanuts and other seasonal goods are snacks -- also as bonfire fodder.

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How can you wear a Lohri fire?

People dance and sing round the Lohri flame and throw foods such as gajak, popcorn, puffed rice and others to the flame because 'tributes' to the gods in exchange for blessings. Lohri can be considered particularly auspicious for newlywed couples and parents with toddlers infants.

Why can we burn fire Lohri?

Folklore of Punjab considers the flames of the bonfire lit on the afternoon of Lohri take the prayers and messages of these visitors into the sun god to deliver heat into the entire world to help plants grow. In exchange, the sun god blesses the property and finishes the times of gloom and chilly. For many, the bonfire symbolically suggests the bright days are before their people's lifestyles and functions as the provider of people's prayers to the sun god -- it is just a excellent excuse to party.


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How to Minimize Shani Dosha Nivaran

 The picture of Shani, that's, Shani Shanchar, stays of a barbarous planet. The cause of this is also reasonable since when Saturn is murdered, the state of the great becomes thin.

Although Shani is a judicious deity and great, good and poor will provide bad effects, but a lot of times, because of accidentally made errors, Shani devotees become part of the anger.

Hence, Saturn is regarded as a more wicked planet than simply. In this specific article of ours, we'll let you know about Shani dosha in order to know whether you're also Shani.

What's Shani Dosh

Shani dosha really indicates the condition of Saturn from the native's horoscope where he's debilitating. It may have many kinds. Considering that Shani Dev moves in a slow rate, thus the hitting of Shani also requires quite a very long time.

When does Saturn blame

When Saturn is at the Aries zodiac, it's regarded as poor due to that it's also known as Shanidosh. Aside from that, even though Saturn is at the enemy zodiac sign, it problems the native. If Saturn is using the Sun and it isn't falling, then under these conditions, Shani feels guilty. Saturn being with Moon can be inauspicious. In general, if Saturn is of the very low zodiac sign, is going with Sun or Moon, or will be considering these, then Saturn is faulty in those countries.

In line with the lunar signal, if Saturn is at the fourth place, then this nation is named Dhaiyya of Saturn. In this time period, the native must endure emotionally, emotionally, and financially and also his life gets bothersome.

In line with this lunar zodiac, if Saturn is at the initial, second, or twelfth location, then this condition of Saturn is known as half-century.

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The best way to prevent Shani dosha

When Saturn is struck, man is made to stumble at each rate. Climbing the staircase of this large, the guy touching the skies also comes on the street. From time to time, company begins appearing dark in each stage of existence. In general, Saturn's assault could be known in the genuine sense, which can be two to four regular. Shani Dev might be thought of a cruel or wicked world, but in fact his function is that of a judicial magistrate.

Just because Shani provides punishment and justice on the principle of Bharani, in this way, there are a few steps whereby people are able to make atonement for their error, unintentionally, due to their sins.

To prevent the unwanted effects of Shani Dosh, an individual must worship Shani Dev and contribute petroleum, rye, urad etc.. Since people are thought to be the abode of all of the deities in Peepal, Shani Dev may likewise be pleased with mowing the Peepal tree and light a lamp. Chanting of Shani Mantra may also be accomplished.

Saturdays may also be overcome with worshiping Shanidev on Saturday or even Shani Jayanti. You have to consult with scholarly astrologers to discover the remedies to locate Shani Dosh and to eliminate Shani Dosh.

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What can be done to minimize Rahu Dosha in Kundli?

 Ketu and Rahu are proven to function as shadow planets having no separate identity. As a result of dark nature, they behave as a psychological level as well as the traits of this signal and they're posited. There are various cases in which these planets may be favorable. But if they're in the mahadasha of their research or Kundli, a person may suffer with malefic results.

Hindu astrology states the period of 1 to 1.5 hours between sunset and sunrise is stated to Rahu Kaal or poor moment. Any kind of auspicious work isn't done in this period since it won't be effective or bear great results. Any type of trade or employment travel which is occurring during this period will not be impacted.

Individuals having Rahu dosha is supposed to suffer with thieving, psychological illness, losses, death of relatives and legal hassles. Individuals with Rahu dosha within their kundli may suffer from ailments such as breathing issues, skin diseases, leprosy, and ulcers. Rahu is mainly supporting the success or failure of somebody. If Rahu is at the area, it may bestow the native with celebrity and guts.

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There Are Lots of Vedic remedies to lessen their negative impact of the Rahu dosha, There Are Particular remedies which had to be followed, such as:

Should you want to completely lower the malefic effects of the planet, you are able to consult with a well-learned priest to get Rahu dosha nirvana. 

An astrologer or even Purohit can assist you by just telling exactly what this puja indicate and look after the terrible effects of Rahu. 

Performing puja with appropriate methods is important so as to come out using the favorable effects in the life span of the devotee. In case your Rahu is in a really poor position and you will need to decrease the disturbance in lifestyle it is creating, it is possible to do Rahu Dosha Nirvana puja.

Mangal Dosha! What do you mean?

Mangal Dosha is most likely the most notorious Dosha in Vedic astrology. This comes to the forefront that the native believes to get married. This Dosha is brought on by the fiery temperament of the Planet Mars - if it's present from the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from the native's horoscope. Mars can be malefic when put together with other inauspicious planets in those homes.

A native with this Dosha is termed as a'Manglik'.

This Dosha can also be called'Bhom',''Kuja' or'Angarakha' Dosha. Both females and males could be affected by this Dosha. Since Mars is a popular Earth, it symbolizes'ego',''large self-esteem',''arrogance' and'volatile character'. It is because of this that a native using Mangal Dosha will find it hard to compromise and fix with a spouse.

Mangal Dosha has other consequences on the native-like, burdening him with monetary losses.

It's crucial to channelize the power of natives using this Dosha constructively because the flame in them has to be tamed.

Outcomes of Mangal Dosha in regards to positioning of Mars from the Many Homes:

  • Considering that the very first home is the'House of the mommy', if a Manglik gets married into a Non-Manglik, it contributes to unnecessary conflicts between them both, many times resulting in physical violence. This disrupts regular married life resulting in breakups and separation.

  • When Mars is negative and active in the second home, it hurts the union and married life span of this native, causing a divorce and another marriage.
  • When Mars is at the House-The Planet at the fourth home will negatively impact the indigenous professionally and will keep him frustrated with his job, which makes him switch 1 task for another. S/he will even perpetually maintain financial trouble.
  • S/he will be dominating, pushy and enforce his view on other people in the household, resulting in misunderstandings and national conflicts.
  • When Mars is at the House-Mars existence in the house makes the native idle. He'll reveal erratic moods-composed for quite a while and losing temper abruptly, leaving the household confounded.
  • The native may be more prone to mishaps when Mars is in this home.
  • Mars will make mental unrest from the native and the sensation of collapse will haunt him. The aggression will increase their disagreeable character and will cause difficulties when dealing with individuals. 
  • The existence of Mars here would provide the native urge to indulge in illicit marriages along with different folks.

Ways to Nullify the Mangal Dosha

  1. In case an native with Mangal Dosha is born Tuesday, the ramifications of the Dosha becomes nullified.
  2.  After two Manglik natives become married, the ramifications of the Dosha becomes canceled in both they may have a harmonious relationship.
  3. Hindu Vedic Astrology indicates the Manglik result of a native could be canceled by getting him married into a Banana/Peepal shrub or using a silver/golden idol of Lord Vishnu.

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All About Hindu Calendar and Indian Festivals

Multi-dimensional Hindu Calendar

Among the most striking characteristics of the Hindu calendar process is its intricacy. It supplies a multi-dimensional way of structuring time, mixing information about lunar times, solar days, lunar months, solar panels, the moves of the Sun and the Moon in connection with stellar constellations, along with other astronomically defined period intervals. This produces the Hindu calendar significantly more complicated compared to western calendar, which can be constructed around just two primary units of period: solar days and solar years.

To complicate matters even further, there's not one Hindu calendar. Each country and area uses its own version of this ancient system. Even the Indian National Calendar or Saka Calendar, the official standardized calendar of India because 1957, represents one of several variants of the Hindu calendar. Nonetheless, there are a number of attributes which are common to all or many versions. All these are introduced below.

Months from the Hindu Calendar

The Hindu calendar utilizes a lunisolar system, which means it takes into consideration the apparent motions of the Moon and the Sun, as observed from Earth. It's mostly dependent on the duration of a synodic lunar month.

Every lunar month is split into 30 lunar days. All these are further grouped into two fortnights with 15 times per day: a"glowing" fortnight that contains the waxing half the stages of the Moon plus a"dark" fortnight which comes with a waning Moon.

In the majority of regions in northern India, the month begins on the Full Moon, though most folks in southern India count the times of this month from 1 New Moon into another.

At precisely the exact same time, the Hindu calendar monitors solar months, that can be characterized by and named after the zodiac signs the Sun traverses during various areas of the calendar year, as observed from Earth. 

Even though the lunar months are generally utilized to ascertain religious rituals and vacations, the solar time reckoning usually functions as the foundation for civil functions, therefore solar months will also be known as civil weeks .

When Can the New Year Begin As per Indian Hindu Calendar?

This occurs on or around the day of this March equinox, which marks the start of spring from the Northern Hemisphere.

Additional or Omitted Months

Considering that 12 lunar months amount to just 354.367 times normally, a jump month is added about every 3 decades. This synchronizes the calendar together with the duration of a sidereal year, that's the time that it takes Earth to orbit sunlight compared to stationary stars. An typical sidereal year lasts approximately 365.256 days.

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A month may be omitted or added. An intercalary month, also known as Adhik Maas or Purushottam Maas, is inserted as soon as a lunar month begins and ends until the Sun has moved to another zodiac sign. In the infrequent instance the Sun traverses a complete zodiac sign throughout the course of a lunar month, the month is taken out of the calendar. While this happens, a second month is replicated everywhere in the calendar year, so the calendar year always has 12 or 13 weeks.

Lunar Times and Solar Days

Hindu time reckoning uses an identical correction mechanism to maintain lunar solar and days times in sync. It defines that a lunar day as the time period where the Moon goes 12° with regard to the Sun--a 30th of those 360° it travels through a synodic lunar month. A civil or solar day is characterized by the moment of sunrise.

In case a lunar day begins and ends at the class of a single solar day, a day can be omitted from the calendar, so the date could jump from the 5th to the 7th of this month, for instance. On the flip side, if a lunar daytime encircles two sunrises, the day number is replicated. If that's the scenario, two successive days are assigned the exact same number.

The Hindu calendar also monitors various other astronomical period spans:

Every yoga is connected with certain human attributes, deities, or other legendary figures, and every solar day is connected with the yoga attained at dawn. Like yogas, every karaṇa is connected with specific attributes, and every solar day is connected with all the karaṇa that's active at dawn.

Hindu Festival Calendar

The dates of most, but not all, Hindu holidays are decided in line with the lunisolar calendar. Typically, the festivals coincide with the complete Moon or the New Moon, or they're celebrated on the day following the Moon stage.

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Even though a vacation generally occurs on precisely the exact same day in most areas, its date in the calendar may fluctuate, depending upon the version of the Hindu calendar that's used. By way of instance, a holiday may fall on the complete Moon at the start of a month in areas in which the months begin on the afternoon of the entire Moon. Nevertheless, in areas which use the New Moon version of the Hindu calendarthe exact same day falls upon the entire Moon in the center of the prior month.

Background and history Hindu Festival Calendar

The Hindu calendar was created in early times by several scholars around the Indian subcontinent.

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How is Bhai Dooj Celebrated and Rituals

How is Bhai Dooj Celebrated 

Bhai Dooj is a significant event that is renowned across the entire India with good excitement and soul. The service begins with the job of inviting brothers to get a tasty meal of the favorite dishes or candies. The whole event suggests a brother's attempts to protect his sister whereas a sister prays to God and offer her blessings to the sake of her own brother.

Rituals and customs regarding Bhaiya Dooj

To celebrate the event in a conventional style, sisters create a chair to their brothers from the grain of rice to be able to finish the ceremony. A glue of Vermillion, dahi and rice is employed as a spiritual tika on the forehead of their brother. Next, the sister provides blossom of Kaddu, betel leaves, betel nuts and coins at the hands of her brother and gradually chant the mantras by pouring water onto the palm.

Following this, a Kalawa is tied on the hand and also the aarti is done by the sister afterwards. A lamp facing the south management is lit and it's thought to be a fantastic omen to find that a flying kite in the sky so as to acquire your fantasies fulfilled. Brothers are also provided their favorite sweets alongside the water to enjoy the delicacies. There's also the market of Bhai Dooj presents among sister and brother on the event and blessings are accepted in the elders.

Presents and return presents for your event

As the event is a sign of the powerful sibling relationship, sisters and brothers will need to be on the watch for outstanding Bhai Dooj presents from offline or online gifting store. In the same way, sisters are able to search to get Bhai Dooj Pooja Thali, traditional candy, exotic chocolate bunch, personalised mug, pillow, photograph frame, table lamp along with other presents to bolster their sibling bonding to a fantastic extent. This offering of presents and return presents by both brother and sister to each other is now an significant part the current day celebration of the special event among individuals.

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Celebration of all Bhaiya Dooj in a Variety of countries of India

Below are the specific variations of the parties concerning the festival round India and out.

Bihar- The party of this festival in Bihar is very different and somewhat absurd. Brothers in return bless their wives and beg to their well-being.

West Bengal- The event is called Bhai Phonta and falls upon the first or second evening of this Kali Puja festival. It includes quite a few rituals together with a grand feast organised for its brothers. The festival entails both the sisters and brothers to be over five decades old. Sisters detect fast from the morning until the traditional ceremonies are finished. A tilak made from ghee, sandalwood (Chandan) and kohl (kajal) is implemented on the brother's brow to request his longevity out of God. One of the standard candies, Kheer and coconut laddoos are a few of the favorite dishes for your event.

Sisters draw a square on the ground in which the brothers have been made to sit after swallowing a sour fruit called Karith. The festival is a good time for your family reunion, get together and also to fortify the brother-sisterly relationship. The event is also renowned as Bhai Bij or even Bhau Bij at Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, and Karnataka.In Gujarat, it's celebrated in the kind of Bhai Beej together with the use of classic tilak and executing the exceptional aarti or prayers.

For countries like Maharashtra and Haryana in which the festival is generally celebrated with fantastic fervour and soul. Sisters who don't have a brother, provide their worship to the moon God rather than Girls also use Mehendi in their palms as a distinctive tradition. Bhai Bij presents are also traded among sisters and brothers as a token of affection and love and are regarded as part of their party.

Bhai Tika at Nepal- The event is celebrated in Nepal and is among the most significant festivals following Dashain (Vijaya Dashami/Dussehra). It's also referred to as Bhaitihar which suggests tihar of brothers. The event is celebrated with the distinctive prayer to Yamraj by sisters to its well-being and longevity of the brothers. A seven colored long Tika can be employed on the brow of brothers .